NLP – Neuro Lingistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®

What is NLP?

NLP provides practical ways for you to change the way you think, view past events and approach your life. Think of it as pressing ‘Factory Reset’ on how you think and how you view things which have happened in your past. It helps you to get off the hamster wheel of unhelpful, negative thoughts and emotions and allows you to think about and focus on your future life in a new way.

NLP and Time Line Therapy® doesn’t rake up your past, you don’t spend hours talking about and going over painful events which have happened in your life. As an NLP Master Practitioner I am interested in ‘how’ you think, not ‘what’ you think. NLP allows you to gain emotional control over your life, to release past negative emotions and limiting decisions, and allows you to create a future the way you want it.



But don’t just take my work for it – here is a wonderful testimonial from one of my recent clients, Keith explaining how NLP and Time Line Therapy® made such a difference to him. Just click on the link to see it.

Keith’s video on NLP

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