Everyone is welcome at The Therapy Rooms!

Did you know I treat people of all shapes, sizes, ages and gender. I listen without judging and design a treatment plan unique to each patient. I only use my hands (and my brain!) to treat, so I can feel when muscles have relaxed, joints have loosened and blood flow has changed.

So why would you come to see me? Are you in pain, fed up with not being able to enjoy your usual activities, or you just generally feel stiff and achey? Let me give you an example of a patient I helped recently. Mr A came to see me after being recommended to me by one of his work colleagues. He had really bad sinus pain, an achey lower back and tightness across his shoulders. He was very overweight and was worried that I would just say he needed to lose weight like others had said before. However he feltĀ  he couldn’t lose weight at the moment as he was finding physical activity too painful.

After some gentle work to loosen his tight muscles and stiff joints he was able to go for short walks. I worked on helping to improve how his sinuses drained so he started to feel clearer in his head and he found that improved how he felt in himself, and his general mood improved. He now comes in for regular maintenance treatments so that he is able to stay more active and enjoy life more

if like Mr A you are struggling with niggly pain I would love to see if I can help so give me a call and let’s get you moving and feeling better as quickly as possible – whatever your shape, size, age or gender!